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Producer: Sarjono Sutrisno
Production: Skylar Pictures
Length: 100 minutes
Players: Alex Komang, Dinda Hauw, Esa Sigit, Ranty Purnamasari, Dwi Andika, Egi John Foreisythe
Director: Harris Nizam
Author: Beby Hasibuan

SurataKecil Untuk Tuhan adaptation of the true story and the novel the same title, this film tells the story of Gita Sesa Wanda Cantika or Keke (Dinda Hauw), a 13-year-old girl who was lucky, because it was born from a very being, has two the older brother and parents were very fond of her but she came from a broken home. In addition it is also surrounded Keke 6 loyal sidekick who always accompanied him and his life was more complete with the presence of a lover who is also very fond of her that Andy (Esa Sigit)

Mornings Keke suddenly reddened eyes and nose bleed. His father brought Keke to the doctor to be examined. The doctor informs him that Keke esophageal cancer. His father secrecy about the disease of fear when Keke Keke know to be operated with the loss of most of his left face. He does not know anything about the disease they experienced. His face started growing clot of tennis balls gently for coconuts. One day there was a child in school who said that such Keke monster.keke sad face when mendegar words before, but keke will remain patient's illness, his father kept trying to treat the disease Keke until around Indonesia and even overseas ones, no matter the costs incurred. When it went to alternative medicine, unintentionally treat people who will say that cancer is a malignant cancer Keke experienced and he could not cure him. From there Keke about the illness she experienced but he was not angry with her family even though they keep panyakitnya it.
It has been several months Keke survive cancer. Doctors who deal say that the cancer is in the body, causing spread Keke Keke abnormal face as usual. Keke's father did not give up. He asked the oncologist how to kill the cancer in the body Keke. The only way is to do Kemoteraphy. Father Keke immediate way. Despite the high dose, Keke body responded well. Until a few times dikemoteraphy, eventually the cancer is in the body Keke dead. And keke otherwise recovered, and the family held a celebration on healing keke.
After a few months of life feel normal again, the disease is a scourge of life Keke grow again. This time, a cancer that attacks Keke more violent than the previous ones. New cancer was first discovered from several types of cancer exist, this is the most malignant cancers. Keke despair, but his friends have always supported Keke to be free from the bondage of cancer. His father decided to do Kemoteraphy as before. Unfortunately, this kemoteraphy, the body responds negatively Keke Keke indicating that body refused to dikemoterphy back.
Since then, Keke began to let go and enjoy the day-to-day with a malignant cancer which he suffered .. God gave the gift of life Keke until he can survive 3 years old with cancer in misery despite Keke body eventually could not take hard drugs are often entered into his body and he finally could not stand it any longer, Keke died at 11 pm on 25 December 2006. And a fragrant jasmine mysteriously appeared during the last seconds of breath Keke happened about five minutes. Fragrant Keke ended a struggle in this world. Before he died Keke could write a small letter to God.
Keke struggle against cancer to the spirit of learning for exams to get a third title as a reflection of our lives to become more grateful child health blessed by God to this day and the spirit of learning and achievement before leaving a beautiful world and not eternal.

Why I chose this movie.?
because the film is a lot of lessons that we can take the course very useful to learn like trying to fight against the disease, patient, strong, not easy to give up, a very strong friendship. Of course, with the film also can motivate a lot of people in this world, especially the people who have the fate of the nearly equal hardness to fight and not give up to fight the disease stretcher.
The scene of the most preferred
Keke-time hair loss due kemmoterapi, but with a very strong friendship themes keke friends had come to cut some of their hair to show that they will always be there beside keke.

The advantages of Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan

Understand the importance patience and sacrifice of the novel and the movie created a small letter to god.
-Novel and the movie is really removed from the true story of a girl named Gita their fellow wanda cantika expressed by his father, to the extent bkan fantasy writer.
-More or less gave the knowledge of disease and treatment Rabdosarchoma taken.
-Any words that are strung together in a novel, easy to understand and straightforward.
-We are going to teach the beauty of friendship that exists between the hardness and friends.

Lack of small letters to god movie

-Between the novel and the film, there is a little different, the beginning of the film section does not match to that of the novel.
-The story of love between a child who is still smp, it's not ethical.
-Plot is almost easy to guess, and the story between the novel and the film there is a difference in the incidence of the story.

This movie can be watched by anyone because the film is a lot of lessons to be learned in life such as patience, steadfast in life despite the hardness of the deadly disease, and the film also contains a lot of motivation that we can emulate in their daily lives .
therefore let us see a small movie Letters to God, this film can be seen in theaters or we buy the tape.

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